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Q&A with Feed the Children - The Organization’s History

According to nonprofit charitable organization Feed the Children, the ability to give back is one of life’s greatest rewards. Feed the Children distributes school supplies, medical equipment, clothing, food and other necessities to those in need. Here, Feed the Children explains how the implementation of several effective programs has made their dream of serving others a reality.

Q: What is the mission of Feed the Children?

Feed the Children: Our organization offers resources to people who might not have access to many of life’s essentials.

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Feed the Children Describes the Organization’s Humble Beginnings


Q: When did Feed the Children begin?

Feed the Children: Created in 1979, the genesis of the organization occurred in Haiti. At the time, our founder met a young boy who asked for 20 cents to purchase his only meal of the entire day. The thought that a young child might go hungry was too much to bear. Meanwhile, in the United States, the government held a surplus of more than 35 metrics tons of wheat that had gone unused. It was easy to see that this food should be sent to a location where it was truly needed. Organizers found a way to process this wheat and then ship it to Haiti. 

Q: How is the organization different from a food bank?

Feed the Children: Our primary goal is to keep the shelves of local churches, shelters, food banks, and other outreach programs fully stocked throughout the year. In total, our organization supports about 1,200 partner agencies.

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Q&A with Feed the Children - Collaboration with World Neighbors


Q: Why has Feed the Children partnered with World Neighbors?

Feed the Children: In March 2013, World Neighbors and Feed the Children agreed to become strategic partners in order to better serve people in need. This mutually beneficial relationship with the wonderful staff at World Neighbors will allow each organization to remain separate as they pursue other projects. World Neighbors offers sustainable programs across 11 different countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia, supporting and encouraging more than 400,000 beneficiaries each year.

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Feed the Children discusses Kenya’s Abandoned Baby Center

Q: What is the Abandoned Baby Center in Kenya?

Feed the Children: The Abandoned Baby Center was created to address a terrible problem in the country. A baby is abandoned or orphaned in Kenya every 10 minutes. Their parents have died as a result of violence, epidemics and poverty.

Q: When did the Abandoned Baby Center open?

Feed the Children: The program first opened in August 2001. Managed by an expert team of child-development and medical professionals, this special program is well equipped to meet the needs of these babies. It all starts with medical care, nutritious food, and a warm, loving home.

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Feed the Children Introduces the Organization’s President, Kevin Hagan

Q: Who is the current president of Feed the Children?

Feed the Children: Kevin Hagan was chosen to be the organization’s CEO and president in June 2012. Management selected Kevin based on his fine legacy of leadership in both the government and private sectors. He boasts a history of leading cultural and operational transformations. His extensive experience in the area of food service distribution will allow him to lead our efforts of feeding children worldwide.

Q: What was Kevin’s previous position?

Feed the Children: Kevin had previously been installed as chief operating officer for the nonprofit organization Good360, which assists nonprofits by directing them toward corporate product donations. He was ultimately responsible for all daily operations including human resources, distribution, customer service, and security and compliance.

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Q&A with Feed the Children - Getting Involved With Volunteer Projects

Q: How can people volunteer their time and talents with the organization?

 Feed the Children: There are several ways for someone to volunteer with the organization, with opportunities available at any distribution center. These volunteers perform duties that are crucial for the development of our domestic programs. Opportunities include hygiene and food box assembly and preparation, screening and product sorting.

Q: What positions are available for people who wish to help local schools?

Feed the Children: For those with an interest in education, the three Teacher Store locations offer volunteers a prime opportunity to improve the lives of children. Opportunities are available to stock shelves and sort products, and greeters are needed at checkout and registration.

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